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Trekking in Nepal

Since Nepal has few roads, access to the fascinating grandeur of its interior remains difficult. Life in the hills has remained untouched by time and around it beat the heart of this country rich in its cultural heritage. To explore this land flanked by the most majestic mountains on earth, one must trek or hike.

Types of Treks
Tea House: The tea-houses are locally run lodges or guest houses and are available in the popular Annapurna, Everest and Langtang trekking regions. The standards vary enormously from a simple room with outdoor toilets to small hotels with hot water and private rooms. Tea-house trek is generally less expensive than camping but the routes are restricted to the popular trekking areas only.
Camping: With camping treks, you can explore any part of Nepal and go to some very remote and delightful places. You can venture 'off the beaten path' which for many is the best trekking experience. Apart from sleeping under a canvas, services we provide are on par or of a higher standard to that at some of the tea-houses.

Typical day on trek starts around dawn when the guide wakes you with a 'wake up' cup of tea/coffee. This is followed by a bowl of hot water for washing. After packing the kit, a hot breakfast is served and most are on their way by 8am. Morning walk lasts around 3 to 4 hours and the walk will be at your pace. There will be ample time to take in the scenery. Cooked lunch is normally provided at noon. Afternoon walk is around 2 to 3 hours. The overnight camp is reached by mid/late afternoon. Tea is served while the tents are pitched and the evening meal is ready by 7pm. There could be evening entertainment by the locals in some of the areas.

Trek Grades - Trekking is mostly on well maintained trails but there are routes over rugged terrain. All of our treks are graded as:
* Easy to Moderate: A trek up to about 3000m over well defined tracks. Plenty of ups and downs but those leading an active life style can easily manage it without any problems.
* Moderate: A trek reaching up to 4500m at times over fairly rugged terrains. Visitors must be a regular hill walker/hiker.
* Moderate to Strenuous: Trek may involve going over passes at around 5000m. Trails are not so well defined and there could be snow and ice at higher altitude. Higher fitness level and more importantly the right attitude is required.
* Strenuous: A challenging Himalayan adventure which will involve trekking over 5000m. Trekkers should have previous experience of trekking in high altitude.
* Strenuous Plus: - This grade is for all our Trekking Peaks. Must have experince of high altitude trekking with knowledge of traversing over ice and snow.

Trekking Area and Routes
We offer variety of trekking routes throughout Nepal to suit most of the requirement of our customers. We also organise tailor made treks for special interest groups, families and organisations. Most treks can be preceded or followed by sightseing tours and/or wild life jungle safari and white water rafting.

Trekking Permits and Fees: Depending on the area you plan to trek in Nepal, you will need one or more permits and fees which we will obtain for you. The types of permits and/or fees are:
- Special Trekking Permit for restricted or controlled areas like Dolpa Mustang.
- Trekkers' Information Management System (TIMS) Card required for most areas.
- Conservation Area Entrance fee
- National Park Entrance fee
- Trekking Peak Climbing Permit
- Filming and documentary shooting permit

Annapurna Region Trek

Annapurna Region Trekking

This area provides the finest scenery in Nepal comprising the massive backdrops of Dhaulagiri (8172m), Annapurna Massif (8091m) and Manaslu (8163m) ranges. Situated in the middle of the country it is protected....

Everest Region Trek

Everest Region Trekking

Mount Everest (8848m) was named after Sir Geroge Everest, the British Surveyor General of India who first established its height in 1856. But to the people of this region she is 'Chomolungma' and to the rest of the Nepalese she is known as 'Sagarmatha'.......

Langtang Region Trek

Langtang Region Trekking

Langtang Region has multitude of trekking routes, all accessible from Kathmandu. The treks in this region can be from one to three weeks. While the area cannot boast any of the Himalayan giants, the scenery here is every bit as spectacular as most of the better known destination ....

Dhaulagiri Region Trek

Dhaulagiri Region Trekking

Dhaulagiri Region is separated from the Annapurna region by Kali Gandaki (the deepest gorge in the world) and includes some fifteen peaks above 7000mt. The remote western aspect of Dhaulagiri provides some of the most demanding treks in Nepal.......

Dolpo Region Trek

Dolpo Region Trekking

Dolpa is a remote region in upper part of western Nepal. It is one of the largest district covering green hills in the south to very arid high altitude valleys in the north populated mostly by Tibetan Buddhist. This region was opened to foreign trekkers only in 1989 but receives very few.....

Kanchenunga Region Trek

Kanchenjunga Region Trekking

This region is situated in the eastern frontier between Nepal and India and here lies 8586m high Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. This region was opened to foreigners only in 1988. It is regarded as one of the remote place in Nepal and......

Makalu Region Trek

Makalu Region Trekking

Makalu trekking region is protected by the Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Project established in 1992. It covers around 2330 sq km and among the 16 mountains in the park, it is home to 8463m Makalu, the fifth highest mountain in the world..

Manaslu Region Trek

Manaslu Region Trekking

Situated west of Kathmandu, Manaslu at 8156m lies north of historic fortress town of Gorkha, home to the Shah dynasty that conquer rest of Nepal in the 18th century. Opened for trekking only since 1991......

Mustang Region Trek

Mustang Region Trekking

Mustang was strictly forbidden to foreign visitors until 1992 and it is still restricted area requiring special permit from the government of Nepal to enter this region......

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